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There is a way out

Faith-Based Rehab Program

Many of us have struggled with finding the true source of “recovery”.  It is through a  deeper spiritual connection with God, the “actual healer”,  that recovery is truly abundant.  Spencer Recovery’s Grace Track provides a Christian perspective filled with knowledge and understanding of Gods Word as written in the Bible.  Intensive counseling in both group and individual settings with Christian Counselors reveal God’s truth. This will provide a clear understanding that He is the “Hope” and “Love” necessary for healing in recovery.  God’s promise is to heal the hurting and empty places in our hearts leading to the ultimate recovery from any and all addictions you or a loved one may suffer from.

Grace Track Materials

Grace Track uses the Life Recovery Bible as the basis of the recovery program, relating the twelve steps of recovery to God’s Word in the Bible.  The Life Recovery Bible reflects on the experiences of other addicts who have found recovery through an intimate relationship with God, His Grace, and the twelve steps.

The knowledge of real life addictions and God’s vital role in recovery reveals Him to be the source of all healing, health and hope regardless of circumstances. He does care.

Grace Track Activities

The Grace Track upgrade includes the following:

  • Additional Group sessions guided by a Christian counselor. Sessions focus on the life Recovery Bible Study Work
  • Participation in “Celebrate Recovery” (a recovery ministry under the direction of Pastor Rick Warren) at Saddleback Church on Friday evenings
  • Private, intensive one on one weekly counseling, two sessions per week
  • Sunday service at local community Church
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